Francesco Valentini

Professor of Physics

Delegato del Rettore per la Progettazione della Ricerca

Delegate of the Dean for Research Planning


Department of Physics, University of Calabria, Via P. Bucci, 33B, 87036, Rende (CS), Italy

phone: +39.0984.496129




Hello! I am Associate Professor at the Physics Department at University of Calabria (Italy) and join the "Astrophysics, Geophysics and Plasmas" group. My research interests are mainly directed to Plasma Physics, Space Physics and Nonneutral Plasma Physics. My research activity is mostly based on theory and numerical modeling of collisionless or weakly collisional plasmas through massive Eulerian algorithms. These softwares are designed to describe the kinetic physics of plasmas and to run on parallel supercomputers.

In January 2018, the project AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis), of which I am one of the coordinators, has been selected by the European Committee within the program Compet-4 Horizon 2020.The research plan will be developed over a period of three years. Project kick-off 01/09/2018. Check it out! click here

New position available at UNICAL within the AIDA project. Check out the news below!!!

ESA Topical Teams

In August 2019 I have been selected to be a member of the ESA Topical Team "Solar and Space Plasma Physics" to design the new ESA exploration program VOYAGE 2050

Moon Landing 50th Anniversary

Click to read (in italian) - STRINGHE UNICAL


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January 2018 - Project AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis) awarded 1,500,000 Euro, in the framework of the program compet-4 Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action program of the European Community

AIDA project kick-off, Leuven (Belgio), 17-22 Sept 2018


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